Cape Town leading the way in recycling

The City of Cape Town is the first municipality in South Africa to launch a large scale pilot - with plans for a city wide roll-out - of a door to door recycling collection service.
Waste Plan, with the pilot from the start, is now representing the city amongst 50 000 households stretching from Helderberg to Atlantic Suburbs and Hout Bay. They are currently the largest recycling service provider to the City of Cape Town, diverting around 500 tons of waste from landfill sites around Cape Town every month.

How does it work?

At the start, each household receives a starter pack in their mailbox that comprises of the following:
  • 2 clear plastic bags (the size of your normal black refuse bag)
  • Introduction letter (with all the official detail)
  • Recycling Manual that explains what can and cannot be recycled.
The 2 clear bags are your starter bags for the 1st week of recycling. Thereafter, Waste Plan deliver new clear bags weekly - one new clear bags for each full bag collected.

Why recycle?

Recycling saves energy
The materials that you recycle will go back into the production streams and will save huge amounts of energy and raw materials.

Global warming
One of the major contributors to greenhouse gasses (the gas in the atmosphere that prevents radiation from the earth to escape that in turn causes Global Warming) is Methane Gas. Methane Gas is largely released from old landfill sites. By recycling waste we can help to slow down Global Warming?

It's the right thing to do!
The rest of the world is doing it, Cape Town is doing it - why aren’t we?

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