Clean a Spa, Whirlpool bath or Jacuzzi at your beautiful home

We all know what a dirty bathtub ring looks like. Now imagine what that scum buildup is doing inside the jet plumbing of your Jacuzzi or Spa style bathtub!
Sure, you can clean the bathtub itself, but once you start up the air jets all kinds of nasty looking bits and specks will come floating to the surface if you don’t properly clean the jets themselves - and the interior plumbing system.

That’s right, the jets and pipes behind your jet tub can quickly become contaminated with all sorts of infectious bacteria — some you can see, and some you can’t see!
Fortunately, cleaning the inside of your air tub’s elaborate collection of pipes, jets, and nozzles is really straightforward and easy.

Here’s how to properly clean a whirlpool tub yourself in just a few quick steps…
1. First, check your manual to see what the manufacturer recommends. They typically specify which cleaners work best, as well as which ones you should avoid. Each air tub is different.

 Close all of the air controls on the individual jets so there is no air induction. Then fill the tub until all jets are submerged by 10 cm of water.

Some air tub manufacturers call for the air controls to be fully opened, so it’s best to read the manual first to confirm which method is best for your specific bathtub.

Add 2 tablespoons of a low-sudsing dishwasher detergent and 1 cup of vinegar. Some recommend adding these both to the water in one step, while others make it a 2-step process: first clean once with the detergent, then clean again afterwards with the vinegar. I guess it’s a personal choice.

 Run the jets for 15 minutes, then drain the tub. Refill the tub with water 10 cm above the jets and run the jets again for 10 minutes to rinse thoroughly.

Finally, drain the water and wipe down the tub and all nozzles using a soft cloth. Use a Q-tip to get into the cracks and crevices around the nozzles.

Without a doubt, proper cleaning of your jet tub is very important and cannot be overlooked. Since moisture is always present in the jets and pipes of your air tub, bacteria can easily build up and mould, mildew, and other health risks can quickly become an issue.
How often you need clean the jets in your air tub depends on how often you use your tub. For the everyday user it may be necessary to clean and sanitize once a month (or more). Those who only use their jet tub occasionally can probably get by with cleaning and sanitizing it once every 3 to 4 months.

Shake some baking soda into the tub and use a slightly damp rag to lightly rub around the inside to clean away built up grime.

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