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There is a surplus of new and electrifying kitchen décor and design trends this year that are set to excite and tantalise. However, the most exciting trend for this high-traffic, heavy-use area is arguably the inclusion of colour in the kitchen. Colour is one of the easiest and most economical ways to heighten drama and interest in interior spaces – and the kitchen is no exception.

Contemporary coloured countertops and cabinetry
Jason Wells, Marketing Manager for PG Bison, South African panel product manufacturer and distributor, says that in line with this trend, PG Bison has recently added a brand new range of exciting new colours to its collection of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) products that are ideal for kitchen applications: “The aim of increasing the amount of colours is in line with PG Bison’s design-focused approach – and our new range of Fresh Colours will no doubt greatly enhance design options.”
He says that the aim is to assist kitchen manufacturers by providing them with high quality, long-lasting, durable products without compromising on design aesthetics: “Supplying an aesthetically attractive, yet practical and hard wearing surface is key to PG Bison’s success. Designers and homeowners are continuously looking for interesting colour, textural and patterned inspirations – something that is bang on trend, unique, but with a timeless appeal and comparatively easy on the pocket – and PG Bison’s range of Formica HPL and LifeSeal Worktops in the newly launched Fresh Colour options are the ideal solution.”
Colour trends for 2011 and 2012
Many of the kitchens of today are designed as an integral part of the living areas, which is especially evident in the ever popular open-plan home layouts. They are designed to be inviting spaces for nurturing the family and reconnecting with friends – as the hub of home life. As such, kitchens are receiving increasing attention and the interior décor trends that are redefining our living areas, are impacting on the kitchen too.

Nature-inspired palettes have been trendy for quite some time now, however there has always been a slant towards the earthier palettes, comprising various hues such as stone, wood tones, beige, ash and brown. Although these colours are still very much in vogue, there has been a shift to include other brighter colours to lift the tone of the interior, and create depth and interest. These new brights are also nature-inspired, and range from rich jewel and citrus tones, to the vivid colours of the ocean.
Says Wells: “PG Bison’s new Fresh colours were selected to reflect key trends in décor and design, from both a local and an international perspective. As such, one of the trend reports that was used in the colour selection process included the iiD Nemeth Trend Report – a world class report and forecast of what is coming with regards to fashion, design and interiors, and how it should be adapted to suit the African market. It offers a strong guideline of what will appeal here at home.”
According to research, the latest colour trends gravitate around the following inspirations:
- Oak woodgrainshave come to the fore, joined by “slow-grown” Pine and elegant Walnuts.
- Whiteremains an intensely popular colour choice.
- Our love affair with nature inspires the use of a wide selection of greens.
- Bluestill has a commanding presence, with dark blues and blue violets gaining ground.
- Fantasyand weathered looks accent the broader range of items and the distressed charm they offer remains a popular look.

- There is still a very strong presence of earthy, mud tones.
- Accents of citrus and plums offer a bright, exciting and fun element in many modern designs.
- Precious stones, mineral elements and concretegive depth to the contemporary trends.
Selecting your colours
When deciding on a colour scheme, it is important to choose a palette that will tie into the rest of your home’s décor. Different colours combine to create various ambiences – if you are feeling bold for example, you can choose a complimentary colour scheme with two high-contrast colours. If you would like your kitchen to be fun, vivacious and full of energy, strong colours such as yellow or blue are ideal. For a more refined outcome, monochromatic schemes are best, comprising various intensities of a single colour.
The addition of 37 brand new Fresh colours to the mix brings PG Bison’s total collection up to 107 options that designers and homeowners can choose from – ranging from a wide selection of solid colours, various woodgrains, stone textures, metallic finishes, as well as a graphic and print range for added aesthetic and textural interest.
Remember to add some texture
The tactile qualities of texture can really add to the visual impact of the colour and pattern of any product. Currently, PG Bison’s Formica HPL is available in the following finishes – Glaze, Gloss, Satin, Loglare and Woodtex. However, along with the introduction of new colours, PG Bison has also added three new surface finishes to its range, which are available in specific colours and include:
- Crystal– a deep-etched finish

- Fine Grain – a raised, natural texture
- Enhanced Gloss – Offering a high gloss finish with a higher scuff resistance for horizontal applications
Furthermore, for the first time, five new MelaWood colours will be available in a gloss finish. These are, however, only suitable for vertical applications, and include Black Gloss, Charcoal Gloss, Light Grey Gloss, Burgundy Gloss, White Gloss. This product will boast two gloss sides finishedwith a protective film on both sides, and ABS impact edging will also beavailable.
Choose something both practical and beautiful
Often, selecting the most aesthetically pleasing colour or design option has meant that in some cases you sacrifice on practicality and function. No more! With PG Bison’s new range of coloured Formic HPL and LifeSeal worktops, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing the colour of your dreams.
Formica High Pressure Laminate (HPL): This product offers the most versatile of surfacing materials, providing an unbeatable low maintenance, durable and dependable surface that will continue to look good for many years. With its exceptional resistance to wear, scuff, impact, heat, moisture and stains, Formica HPL, in its upgraded format, has myriad vertical and horizontal applications, including worktops, doors and cabinetry. It provides an easily cleanable and hygienic surface, making it an excellent choice for kitchen surfaces.
LifeSeal worktops: Combining a substrate or core of quality BisonBord and a surface of Formica HPL, Formica LifeSeal Worktops merges the durability and strength of its two constituent components to create versatile work surfaces. Formica LifeSeal Worktops offer the same exceptional characteristics of Formica HPL, making them an excellent choice for work surfaces in places such as the kitchen, where hygiene is of utmost importance. During installation, all exposed edges, including the back-edge, joints and cut-outs for sinks and stove-tops need to be sealed with a suitable sealant, such as exterior-grade varnish, to protect from moisture ingress.
If you are tired of your kitchen – changing the room’s colour scheme can breathe new life into a tired kitchen composition. “Whatever kitchen colour scheme you decide on however, it is crucial that you abide by the most important rule of all – don’t merely follow the trends, but opt for a colour scheme that suits your own personal tastes and preferences,” concludes Wells.
Article courtesy of: Property 24

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