Top 10 garden trends

This year gardening trends are created from deeper social changes - people are trying to live more meaningful lives, re-evaluating values and priorities, breaking away from tradition while preferring a personalised approach. For gardeners and non-gardeners alike, taking care of the environment, the planet and each other, all “for the greater good”, is a current theme throughout their homes and gardens. With all these conscious movements in place, here is a list of what’s hot in gardening this year...
1. Eat what you grow
Growing your own veggies has become the “it” thing to do, where savvy gardeners are mingling their edibles with ornamentals. This approach to gardening is great for the environment and even better for the gardener. More and more people are growing their own fruit and vegetables due to the latest economic crisis which made this hobby popular, and in some instances, even necessary.
2. Grow a garden in a pot
This trend has become very popular as a large portion of homeowners are now living in flats or townhouses with no access to a personal garden. Residents have now developed the need to have some piece of nature around them, and have started growing planted tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, lettuce and many other edibles and herbs in containers and pots.

3. Chemical-free gardens  
The trend of environmental responsibility continues through to gardening as eco-conscious homeowners are finding ways to manage their gardens without the use of pesticides and herbicides. Many homeowners are reducing the size of their lawns and incorporating plants that are resistant to pests and disease. Gardeners are also taking care to use products that are more environmentally friendly.
4. Romantic flower comeback
Your grandmother’s favourites are back with an abundance, as gardens are now filled with roses, daisies and sweet peas - all making a romantic comeback. It’s now about the senses as flowers create a visual background with appealing aromas. No garden should be without them.

5. House plant interiors

Plants are enjoying renewed status as décor accessories. Not only are they attractive, but they improve the air quality in our homes by acting as filters that remove pollutants from the air and replace the air with oxygen. Orchids, ferns and palms are top choices when adding warmth and homeliness to any area.
6. Low maintenance gardens
No one wants to be a slave to the garden and gardeners are now opting for plants that give them more time to relax and spend with family and friends. Highly maintained lawns are being replaced with ground covers and easy to care for shrubs and perennials. Today gardening needs to be as easy as possible.

7. Water conservation
The trend to capture rainwater in rain barrels has gained momentum. Wasting potable water for irrigation purposes will be avoided as much as possible.  Homeowners are now attempting to contain rainwater on their properties by using downspouts to direct the rain water to feed gardens instead of running into storm water drains. There are many rain collection systems available from homemade to store-bought, and water conservation awareness has now become a prerequisite in some areas and neighbourhoods.
8. Garden art
Garden styling has come to the forefront in home décor because of its ability to give your garden a personal and unique feel – and let’s face it no two gardens are the same. A garden gives gardeners an opportunity to express themselves and their personalities, turning everyday gardens into pieces of art. Garden sculptures and Asian-inspired fountains are now an affordable and popular choice in garden art. Organic or geometric lines are being explored with more with colour - creating a fantastical, less formal garden.
9. The feel good garden

There is an ever increasing need for a safe haven at home, with more of us are turning to our gardens for the peace and tranquillity we expect to find in nature. Gardens are being transformed into spaces which can be used to unwind after work, relax and ‘recharge the batteries’ and most importantly reconnect with nature.
10. Creating a habitat

Awareness of the environment extends to our feathered and furry friends too. One way in which to increase enjoyment of the outdoors is through properly placed and maintained feeders and baths for animals with which we share the outdoors. A well-designed garden offers food, water, and protection for birds and other wildlife. Gardeners are now aware of creating a space for all to live in harmony, by adding more trees, shrubs and bird houses. Most bird houses can be either hung or mounted, and placing a few around your yard will give birds plenty of feeding options. – Maryann Lister
Article courtesy of: Property 24

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