Make a table for deck or patio of your home

This gorgeous table is made from nothing more than old timber pallets that have been stripped apart and then sanded. The idea is to leave the reclaimed timber in its natural state rather than finish off with anything. I do think it just adds to the whole look.
Gather together some old packing crates or pallets and strip these down into individual planks. You're probably going to need three or more if possible, as not all the wood is going to be usable.
You want to create a slightly rectangular frame - or square - and then use pine to fit a centre section into the table to hold the succulents.
Once the centre section is fitted, you can start making the top section by cutting planks to the same length and nailing a support board on the back to hold them all together nicely.
Use more reclaimed pallet timber for the legs and screw these onto the table frame.
Drill a few holes into the base of the centre section to allow for drainage - you will only be planting succulents and these require minimal water.
No you are ready to plant up the table. Add gravel mixed with top soil as the base mixture, pop in your succulents and then finish off with small pebbles.

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