Funky Photo Frames in and around your home

This is a craft project where you can recycle glass jars into funky photo frames.
All you need are a few clean jars and some photographs of your family or friends.

You will need:

Empty jars with lids - wash clean and dry them
Pair of scissors

Here's how:


Measure how tall your jar is. If needed, use a pair of scissors to trim the height of your photo to fit the jar.


Roll up the photo slightly and slide it into the jar so that the photo will be right-side-up when the jar is upside-down.

Poke it into place with your fingers or the eraser end of a pencil.


Turn the jar upside down and display your simple thrifty genius in a place of honour on your bedroom desk or bookshelf.

Bottles work just as well as jars, but they’re a little trickier. The photo won’t be able to unroll any further than the narrowest part of the bottle. There two ways to deal with that: Pick a photo that looks good when it’s only a 2cm wide, or make your photo no taller than the widest part of the bottle. To use a bottle, roll up your photo tight enough to slip through the opening of the bottle. Slip the photo in right-side-up and maneuver it into place using the eraser end of a pencil.

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