Properties with awkward windows

There are more than a few homes out there that have a window or two that are almost impossible to dress. They might be small windows in a large wall, corner windows, windows high up, or windows that just don't feel as though they belong in the room. Whatever the window, there's a way to dress the window... and the problem.

Stuck in a corner

LEFT: Corner windows can sometimes be a problem to dress. Do you put drapes on either side? Do you need a centre panel? Are blinds a better option? There are so many options that it becomes quite confusing.
BELOW: Depending on your decorating style, corner windows can be transformed into a dramatic feature, as can be seen in the two bathrooms below.

ABOVE and BELOW: The positioning on the bathtub directly below the corner window easily allows the creation of a dramatic focal point in both bathrooms. Where the top bathroom has a large swag to frame the window, the window below is more sedate and traditional in styling.

Don't be fooled by angled walls

LEFT and BELOW: Don't let angled walls be a problem - work with them.
A large mirror on the smallest wall tricks the eye, while black and white geometric curtains draw attention to the wider space.

Don't let a window become a nightmare

LEFT and BELOW: A narrow window placed half-way up the wall, and especially above a bed, is a tricky one to work with. But clever use of wrought iron transform the window into a masterful decorative feature.
The decorative window is further highlighted by the addition of side drapes down either side of the headboard.

What to do with a wall of windows
LEFT: When several levels of windows have been installed in a wall it's sometimes better to treat them as one large window, rather than draw attention to each individual window.
BELOW: Fit a single rod or rail fitted to the top of the wall, above the window, and hang drapes to fall down either side. If privacy is an issue, install cellular blinds or window film to individual windows.

Nudity in the living room
LEFT: Two small windows are positioned on either side of the fireplace. For this type of setting the windows are best left undressed, rather than highlighting them with a window treatment.
BELOW: A mirror placed between the two windows serves to balance the look with the layout of the shelves and fireplace below. Where privacy is of concern, a fabric blind in the same colour as the window frame, or a cellular blind, would suffice.


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