Enhance your home - paint a rug onto your deck

Add some colour to your deck or patio and add a painted rug. you wanna spice up a dining area on your deck you might want to place a rug there. Although not many rugs can survive there for long. The best way is to paint a rug there. Here is what you’ll need for such project:

You will need:
3 tints of Prominent Paints non-drip enamel
Masking tape
Tape measure
5cm and 10cm paintbrush
Large foam roller
Paint tray

Here's how:

1. Apply two coats of the base colour to the deck to create the main background of the rug. Allow sufficient drying time between the coats and allow the final coat to dry fully.

2. Once base colour is fully dry to the touch, press masking tape directly along outside edge of the painted area.

3. Paint the rug’s edge in other than base colour.

4. Once paint is dry to the touch, slowly peel back masking tape.
5. Determine dimensions of the border and mark them on the deck. Using these marks as a guide, press masking tape along outside edge.
6. Paint the edge of the rug again to cover all voids.
7. Once paint is dry to the touch, slowly peel back masking tape. Give deck at least 24 hours to cure before walking on it.

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