Headboard for little boy in your home

What boy is not fascinated by cars - no matter what their age, and this cute Volksie headboard is perfect for any little boy.
headboard for boy
I wanted to make a vintage Volkswagen Beetle themed headboard for the bed, so I found an image online that had the look I was after.
On the computer, I enlarged it to the size I wanted (the widest part of the car slightly larger than the width of the existing headboard), but it probably would have been easier to rent an overhead projector and enlarge it that way.
It printed out over several (like 30!) pages, so I taped them all together so that I would have one very large image.
I cut out the image and traced it onto the supawood.

You can use a variety of materials for the headboard, but PG Bison SupaWood is the best for painting. SupaWood has a nice, smooth finish that requires very little preparation.
Have the board cut to the width of the bed:
920mm - single
1100mm - three-quarter
1400mm - double

If you are fitting the headboard over an existing one, make a box on the back of the headboard, leave the bottom of the box open so that the new headboard can be slipped over the top of the old one.

Alternatively, mount directly onto the wall with Fischer wall plugs and screws.

You can also use a large sheet of tracing paper.
Use a pencil to outline the mark to make more visible and then cut out with ajigsaw.
Use a clean-cut blade to cut out and sand cut edges with 220-grit sandpaper until smooth.
When painting, I started with the lightest colour and worked to the darkest colour. That way, I wasn’t worried about having one colour bleed through another if they overlapped a bit. I did two coats of each colour before moving to the next colour.
Prominent Paints - Sheen - is excellent for this type of project. It is easy to apply with a brush, roller or spray system and provides a durable finish that is completely washable.

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