Bulbs in containers in your garden = lovely home and garden

Should be light, airy and friable - good drainage is essential. A good quality potting soil from any garden centre will do. If possible don't use saucers or drip trays under the pots as this may cause waterlogging of the soil. If saucers are used, empty them out an hour or so after watering.
It is best to grow your containerised bulbs in a semi-shaded position - away from heat reflecting walls or paving. Once your bulbs are in bloom they can be moved inside to any focal point, where their beauty can be fully appreciated.
Special care must be taken to keep the roots of your bulbs moist at all times. The soil in containers tends to dry out quickly, especially if they are in a warm or sunny position. It is best to water every second day, making sure the water is seen to drain out of the bottom. It is essential that the water drains away quickly. Bulbs cannot tolerate submersion in water without air, just as they will not tolerate draught during their growing period.
When planting your bulbs in pots place them so that they almost touch one another. This will give you the maximum amount of flowers. If you would like to try something different plant your bulbs so that just their base is covered with soil. This will give you an unusual display even before they have flowered.
Once your bulbs have finished flowering, you can dig them into a semi-shaded position in your garden, pot and all. This will allow them to receive the regular watering and feeding program of the rest of your garden. Don't disturb the soil or the roots when you dig the pots in.

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