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Small Garden Designs -1
The development of the small garden is probably this centuries greatest contribution to the art of gardening. As residential properties become smaller and smaller, large landscaped gardens are nowadays confined mainly to public parks and botanical gardens.

The term "small gardens" means different things to different people. If you live in a flat and your gardening is confined to a tiny balcony, even a small townhouse garden will seem large. On the other hand, a medium-sized country garden will seem small to the owner of a large estate. Generally, though, most small urban properties are about 600 square metres or less, with the house occupying between a third and half of the area.
This Modern garden is geometric in design, with a strong, structural pattern and bold architectural plants, chosen for their shape and form. The colour theme is bright yellow and blue, with just a touch of white. Focal points have been achieved - such as the clever placing of a simple terracotta pot and a pond set into the irregularly paved pathway.
Orange, blue and white are the colours chosen for this Formal garden. Backed by a small Cape Dutch house, the central pathway is flanked by raised flower beds. The planting is repeated on either side of the path, creating an attractive mirrored image. Adding interest to this central axis, is a small circular bird bath, complete with a classical cherub.
A Cactus and Succulent garden is the ultimate for low maintenance. And of course, it's ideal for drought conditions! This garden clearly shows the effect that can be achieved by the use of contrasting plant forms - together with the occasional bright spot of colour! The meandering dry River bed fits well into the overall design.
Even in a tiny garden, it's possible to create totally different moods - purely by the use of colour. Blue and Grey suggests serenity, coolness and tranquility, and gives the effect of distance and spaciousness.
In complete contrast, this Yellow-theme garden suggests warmth, excitement and liveliness. Yellow can be used well to lighten any dark corner and of course as always, the inclusion here of water, adds the final touch!
The relaxed informality of a traditional Cottage garden has been well designed here. Evergreen shrubs form the basic structure, with a profusion of soft-coloured perennials and annuals gently merging together. A pathway of different sized flagstones curves easily through the garden, and a well-placed bench invites you to enjoy the peace and tranquility.
Equally peaceful and tranquil, but in a totally different way, is the Japanese garden. Every plant, rock and pebble has been placed purposefully and all are in harmony with each other. Water is an essential part of the garden - a wooden bridge crosses the pond, leading to the sitting area beyond.

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