Your home and recycled bird feeders

Here’s a great project that the kids can do over the holidays. We used empty squash and fruit juice bottles to make these bird feeders.

You will need:
Empty plastic bottles
Dremel Multitool and cutting
wheel Wooden skewers
Rust-Oleum Paint Pens
Hooks for hanging in the trees

Here’s how:
1. Wash and dry the bottles thoroughly.

2. Use your Dremel Multitool to cut out openings in the sides, back and front. In the squash bottles we followed the shapes in the sides of the bottle and left the back and front closed.

3. Leave a small flap of plastic at the bottom of the openings for the birds to rest on.

4. Make a hole in the front and back for the wooden skewer. You can put fresh fruit on these for the birds.

5. Paint attractive designs onto the bottles with Rust-Oleum Paint Pens and leave to dry.

6. Insert a hook into the cap and hang from a tree in the garden.

Ooops! Don’t forget to add bird seed so that plenty of feathered friends will come to visit.

Safety First
If you haven’t used the Dremel Multitool before, please let mom or dad help you 

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